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Ideation, conceptualisation, UX design and visual design


2018 AAU Visual Design Strategy


Phone app / Touchable Screen

project details


People may want to order fresh fruits and vegetables online after work, but it’s a waste of time to go to the groceries or wait for line. When people are not at home, packages will not be delivered or need to be stored in the post office.


When the package reach home while people are not at home, the safety system of the box will allows the courier access by a section of code. And temperature setting system will helps storage fresh food inside of the box.

Project Goal

Saving users’ time to change items with others or waiting for the delivery. Receive pakcage and give out package to courier, the smart box will including camera control system, humidity and temperature control system.


Smart Home Can Improve Our Daily Life Experience.

In the Control and Connectivity segment, the number of active households is expected to amount to 56.7m by 2022. Revenue in the Smart Home market amounts to US$18,877m in 2018.

Information Architecture

design details

APP Design

Check Message

User can read message by click the button, and the notification will indicate they have unread message in box.

Solar Panel
& Save Energy

The smart box has 3 level, user can adjust temperature of each level by different need.


The smart box surface create by solar panel, allows user save more energy and they can review how many energy they saved under different weather condition.

Check Camera

User can check camera via phone, the camera provide inside camera which user can overview inside of the smartbox, and the outside camera can simply check yard.

User Account

User can view or edit their account by click the left hamburger menu bar.

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