Mobile APP


Ideation, conceptualisation, UX design, visual design and Mobile code


2018 AAU Mobile Web Technology


Phone app

design details


The goal of this shcool project is that use learned coding skill to creat a “tracking app”, the tracking app needs show a map, location of what user tracked, the profile of the “thing”, and the profile of user; beyound those, add and remove the current information also is the core function of this app.


In this project, I will use HTML, CSS as basic code program, JAVA SCRIPT will be the main function involved into this app. Because this is a mobile app design, the code need fit on purpose.

Mood Board

Task Flow

Where is the mural artist?

We love mural design around the city, the inspiration of art comes from our daily life. How can we follow a mural artist? How can we know the news of the artist? This tracking APP will help us to find the art in our life.

Follow the artist

User can use this APP to build a customize profile, follow artist's works and tracking their works in the city, pin it on the map that allows other user can too.

Character Design

APP Design