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Ideation, conceptualisation, UX design, visual design and motion graphic


2017 AAU Topics in Motion Graphics


iWatch / XiaoMi, MX

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Choose One Hiking Trails from Thousand Result?

Outdoor lovers will find various of hiking trails that close by, but they can’t make a decision before they actually go, the trails may similar with distance, elevation, difficulty, wild plants and etc.


Comparative Result

Design an embed data device which can provide hiking trails to user, and provide all the information about the trails, user can pick up more than 2 trails to compare which one is more attractive based on all the conditions; during the hike, user can open the device to view trail map anytime anywhere, even without Wi-Fi; on the trail, user also can scan unknow plant by device, and the device will provide the information about it.


Healthy Activity

In 2016, about 50 percent of all U.S. Americans had participated in some kind of outdoor activity. Children aged 6 to 12 years were the most likely group to participate outdoor activities, with about 62 percent of that age group participating. Amongst the most popular outdoor activities are hiking, 42.2 million participants in 2016.

The direct economic impact on local economies of visitor spending at National Parks is estimated to be between six and eight billion U.S. dollars per year.

Information Architecture

design details

Branding Style Guide

footage element animation

APP Design

Motion Graphic

Step 01
Active Device

Touch device screen to active the application, the animation will shows up on the device, indicate the process to user.

Step 02
Compare Hiking Trails

Select 2 and more hiking trails, overview the general information and pick one that right for you.

Step 03
Scan Plant

Move device close to plant and select scan mode to read more information about this unknown plant.

Step 04

When user confused where to go / how to get there during the hiking trip, touch the device screen to active the real-time navigation system.